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Paul Morse

Paul Morse


Paul attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ where he earned a BA in Psychology and MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology. He began his career at ADP in 2014 managing enterprise-wide projects, performing research focused on culture and behavior, presenting to global audiences, and contributing to innovation initiatives for product development teams. 

With a passion for technology and influencing decision-making with data, his path led to becoming a strategic HR Business Partner for Global Product and Technology. In this role he partnered with senior leaders to focus the vision for their organizations, drive change management initiatives, provide executive coaching, and guide teams and individuals to succeed. During his tenure he worked closely with cutting-edge teams from the Innovation Lab, UX Research & Design, and Product Management, as well as those managing current-gen and legacy products. 

Through his talent-focused approach to business development, Paul has always been committed to empowering people through education and helping them achieve life goals through their work. He found the greatest reward to be hearing from people about how their work enabled them to provide more security and opportunity to their families. 

In his pursuit of purpose and commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of others, Paul joined Heritage in 2023. Following years of planning, he partnered with Mary Morse to provide clients with a long time-horizon for ongoing service and support. As a family team, they are focused on helping clients across generations plan for growth and security for themselves and their loved ones.